Finding a Proactive Accountant

The accounting landscape is changing, and rapidly, there is no doubt about that. The way we see it there are two distinct groups, there are those firms and accountants that will remain heavily compliance focused, that is they will get your tax done and you’ll see some financial statements but that is it. And then there are those firms and accountants who are embracing technology and using it to add value to their clients’ businesses.

Technology is now allowing accountants to generate intelligent reports effectively and efficiently. Cloud accounting platforms allow data to be up-to-date daily. Combining these two aspects allows real time reporting to take place that can add great value to your business. Business pain points or potential cash flow issues can be found early, allowing corrective action to be taken before a real problem occurs. Business strengths can be leveraged to maximise the performance of your business. Assesssing your "numbers" once a year is of little value as the data is old and redundant, but if you can assess what happened last week and is happening in the next month, effective changes can be made.

We are passionate about working with our clients to understand the now and the future of their business. We respect that no one knows the business better then yourself, but we believe our insights can still assist even the most savvy of business owner.

For more information on how Co-Pilot Advisory can help your business please get in contact with us. Of course any preliminary discussion we have with you will be obligation and cost free.

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